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What are the best ways to clean leather? And what products are the best for cleaning leather sofas and chairs? It's hard to know when to clean too since the dirt doesn't show up as much on darker leather.
Category: Carpet Post By: ALEXANDER HARVEY (Downey, CA), 01/05/2019

The Main Procedure to Clean Leathers are : Cleaning Leather So youve spilled an unidentifiable substance onto your leather sofa. Or, worse, your way-cool leather jacket. No worries: leather isnt very difficult to clean. For best results, make sure you have the following at your fingertips: * Two damp cloths * Saddle soap * A dry towel * Leather conditioner Using one damp cloth, rub the saddle soap into the leather until a lather has formed. Then, use the other damp cloth to wipe away the lather. After that, run a dry towel over the leather to polish the leather. Finally, rub the leather with leather conditioner. Of course, this method might not work for all leather products. Many cleaning experts suggest contacting leather cleaning professionals in the event of stains resulting from beer, chocolate, paint or blood.

- DANIELLE FULLER (South Gate, CA), 03/17/2019

I rather call a cleaning service rather than I do it myself.. very risky..

- Clark John (Tampa, FL), 04/14/2019

Moisturizing soap is often what is best to use on a leather couch. The more natural the soap is, meaning that it is free of oils, the better the soap will work on the furniture. It is important to first test a small area to make sure that the soap will not discolor the furniture. Once the soap has passed this test, it can then be used for the entire piece of leather furniture. The liquid soap should be placed into a wet washcloth, allowing for the gentle soap to penetrate into the wash cloth. The wash cloth should then be gently rubbed into the furniture, making sure that there is not an overwhelming amount of water that is used on the furniture. In doing so, this can greatly distort the furniture, especially if it is real leather. Once the leather furniture has been thoroughly clean, the excess soap should be wiped away from the furniture, making sure, once again, that there is no water that is being used to clean the leather. The leather furniture should then be dried off with a dry, absorbent towel, that will make sure that all of the soap has been discarded of.

- LYNN SCHNEIDER (Newark, NJ), 04/26/2019

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