Forum Title: Apartment cleaning and the bs you put up with
I know some guys won't even do that kind of work anymore because of the bs. I have been doing them since I started and took a 5 year break and got back into it about 6 years ago. I just lost one complex to a company who cleans the apartments and the carpets. I didn't know if I should be pissed or relieved. They always paid on time but that was the only good thing besides the obvious steady work. I was actually thinking about dropping them last year because of all of thier nonsense. I have two really great complexes that I work for that have never given me any problems. The other complexes are great and they pay well. I am thankful that I have them. Another friend said jack up your price when they call back and I told him that I won't work for them anymore and I'll give them his number if he wants to put up with them. He said sure, he would be happy to. He probably has more tollerance for them than I. ________________________Lixall
Category: Carpet Post By: ENRIQUE MCGEE (Harlingen, TX), 01/06/2019

We don't do them and never targeted that market or commercial. Typically residential only with a dash of small commercial jobs mixed in from time to time. We don't get into those bidding wars for over dirty and under paid little jobs. I know in some areas it is a must to stay busy but not where we at carpet cleaning orange county operate.

- KEN SHARP (Gastonia, NC), 05/07/2019

Ever try the 20% assholle tax. Add 20% to your rates if they are assholles. The extra profit may make the account worthwhile

- Lyndi (Utica, NY), 05/15/2019

I just decided to land a 352 unit complex and give a cheap bid just to get some work flow. It's an easy setup and the units I feel I can do good with. We will see how collecting payment goes as that always can be a pain with these. Carpet cleaning Tampa will handle it no matter what happens anyway.

- ROGER TORRES (San Mateo, CA), 03/10/2019

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